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why ridgeside k9 nashville?

There is a plethora of dog trainers on the market, both locally and online.  So why should you trust Ridgeside K9 Nashville with your pup?

Simple: Transparency and Family

Transparency:  At Ridgeside K9 Nashville, your fur babies not only train and live in the comfort of a trainer’s home, but they also become part of our pack and are treated just as if they are our own. You will be in constant contact with your trainer, receiving daily photo and video updates. When training is complete, we bring your dog home to you and assist you in the transition back to their home turf.  As almost everything for canines is odor-based, including associating some of the previous behaviors with your home, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to communicate clearly with your pup is crucial and essential to the turnover process.  It is the establishment of this line of communication and basic obedience with your fur baby that is the key to maintaining a harmonious lifestyle together.

Family:  At Ridgeside K9 Nashville, all the dogs we have the honor of training – and their owners – become our family.  We understand questions arise, new situations and behaviors may emerge, and that life evolves quickly – whether it be the addition of new animals or children, or through work/lifestyle changes.  We will be there for you every step of the way. There are never any extra charges or fees should you find yourself reaching out to us for further assistance or guidance.  At RSK9 Nashville the relationship does not end when we bring your pup home; that’s just the beginning.  We support you for the life of the dog.


Ridgeside K9 Nashville was established as a result of a lifelong passion and dedication to training dogs and bridging the gap of miscommunication between canines and humans. Our home-based dog training service offers a personalized and intimate approach to fostering a strong bond between you and your canine companion. With over 25+ years of experience training working dogs and thousands of pet dogs, we bring a wealth of expertise to every training session. Our focus is on creating a positive and effective training environment that meets the unique needs of each dog, ensuring a fulfilling learning experience for both you and your beloved pet. Join us in creating a harmonious relationship built on trust, communication, and mutual understanding.


Training The Dog

First step in training is teaching a clear communication system to the dog. We have to have a way to clearly communicate with dogs what we want and don’t want from them. We will teach them obedience that works anywhere! Doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s a busy park or grandma’s house, our system works!

Training The Owner

The second and most important step to training is training the owners! At graduation, we spend 3 hours educating you the owner! We teach, show you and coach you. We want you to learn how to properly communicate with your pup so you can build a stronger relationship.

Maintenance Training

Here at Ridgeside K9, we offer various ways to keep up with your training to be able to include lifetime support. We hold group refresher training for all prior clients. Also, we offer pack walks and have a Facebook family group to be able to ask questions and connect with other owners.