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3-Week Board and Train

Ringo, Schnauzer

Ringo joined our family in October 2020 when he was just eight weeks old. He was a member of the family from the very beginning. We took him everywhere – he camped with us, traveled with us to Disney hotels, and there were plenty of other pet-friendly hotels along the way. He was easy-going in his crate, sleeping all night in there without a single complaint.

But we learned early-on that Ringo had a high prey drive. He’d see fast moving bikes, joggers, strollers or running children and would lunge for them and become uncontrollable. The problem got worse as he got older. He bit and drew blood from my three teen and adult kids, as well as my husband and two of our family friends.

Life at home became stressful. Ringo had to be crated anytime we had visitors or my kids had friends over. He was miserable, our family was miserable, and my kids had grown to fear him. I worried that if he bit again, or bit the wrong person, someone might force us to put him down.

So in Fall of 2023, I reached out to Ridgeside K9. We met Jeff Aman and Ringo went to live with him for a three-week board and train. Throughout those weeks, Jeff sent daily updates and photos of Ringo’s progress.

The end result was literally a new lease on life for Ringo. It wasn’t just the new training and skills that Ringo came home with, we could tell that he was proud of himself – his tail was wagging again and his confidence had returned.

I’m still aware of Ringo’s challenges and remain vigilant. He will always be a reactive dog, but I now have the tools to manage his behavior. Jeff’s training provided us with a way to communicate clearly with Ringo.

He also has new freedoms thanks to his training. We trust his recall, so now he can run free in our yard and understands he needs to come back when he’s called. When we have visitors, I do set boundaries and they know to leave him be, but Ringo gets to stay free, out of his crate. He camps and travels with us again because we have the training in place to make sure it’s safe and fun for humans and dog.

I am so grateful to Jeff for his patience, training and consistency with Ringo. Being able to get him to this point literally saved his life.